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Warranty-Backed Garage Door Repairs & Door Maintenance in Sumter, South Carolina

If your garage door is on the fritz, call on Advance Doors for garage door repair and maintenance services in the Sumter, South Carolina, area. We also provide a full inventory of door and opener parts for repairs.


Common Garage Door Issues We Fix:

• Garage Door Won’t Open or Only Opens Partially
• Garage Door Closes & Then Opens on Its Own or
  Only Closes Partially
• Garage Door Opener or Motor Makes a Grinding Noise
• Tracks Make a Popping Sound When Opening
  or Closing
• Garage Door Is off Track
• Garage Door Windows Are Broken

Door Maintenance

It’s important to have your garage door maintained regularly. Our skilled garage door experts are able to ensure everything is working properly with your garage door and keep it that way with our maintenance services. We provide the following services:

• Thorough Inspection
• Lubrication of Moving Parts
• Door Balancing
• Spring Retensioning
• Fastener Tightening
• Roller Conditioning
• Checking Lifting Cables
• Checking Bottom Lifting

• Checking Lifting Drums
• Checking Safety Features
• Sensor Adjustment

Interior View of Garage Door - Garage Door Repair
White Garage Door - Garage Door Repair

Garage Parts & Supplies

Shop for all the parts and supplies you need for your garage door. We have components suitable for all makes and models. Our inventory includes:

• Auto-Reverse & Infrared
• Door Hardware Parts
• Garage Door Windows
• Garage Door Remote
• Insulation Products
• Moldings & Trims
• Gear & Sprocket Assembly
• Coil Springs
• Extension Springs
• Key & Slide Locks
• Replacement Door Sections
• Keyless Entry Systems
• Wheels & Rollers
• Replacement Tracks
• Emergency Key Locks
• Cables
• Vinyl Items
• Weather Stripping   Products
Contact us in Sumter, South Carolina, to find out more about our garage door repair and door maintenance services.